Fashion With A Passion by TLC

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I am a High School Senior at the Utica Academy for International Studies.

Part of my curriculum involves supporting a community issue and creating awareness, hence was the birth of my project titled “Fashion with a Passion” (by TLC).

I am supporting the Gift of Life Foundation, the Michigan Organ and Tissue Donation Program, which has touched my family twice. In collaboration with Jenna Kator ( a special handbag was created in which all of the profits are being donated to the Gift of Life Foundation.

• 8.5"L X 4.5"H
• Zipper closure
• Crossbody and wristlet straps
• Metallic grey with blue accents (symbolizes love)
• Embossed circle of life (symbolizes life)
• $45.00 

Due to overwhelming demand the purses have been completed sold out.  I want to thank everyone who supported such an incredible cause and to remind you to continue to support the "Gift of Life Foundation" and encourage you to mark your license and state your intentions as a donor.

All the best-

​The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson